Tony Bianchi

producer | director | writer | composer

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Film Production

Directing, Shooting, Editing

Music Production

Original music, cinematic quality


Anywhere in the world.

Screen Writing

From 1 day to 4 weeks, short or feature.

Tony Bianchi is founder and CEO of iOscape Studios.

Author of "Cloud 10", a 361 page novel where supernatural and paranormal blends with scifi and mindfulness.
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Has written 66 movie screenplays of many genres including: sci-fi, psycho-thrillers, paranormal, superpowers, savants, crime and even a hint of romance.  Mostly feature-length, but a bunch of mini-movie anthologies too.

1000's of songs and soundtracks written over the decades, now limited almost exclusively to soundtracks for personal projects.
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Upcoming Projects

2020 was to be a major launch year, covid19 has delayed several projects, but things are moving again!

New releases will appear on  Tony Bianchi's IMDb  profile page.


We are currently actively preparing 3 feature length movies.

  • Scripts are complete, engaging and ready to roll.
  • Casting is falling into place.
  • Our studio gear is poised for action.
  • Funding as usual is the only thing slowing the process down, but it is coming together.
Two of the movies are covid and budget friendly. Small cast, and minimalistic location. We can realistically take them to market for under 100k each.

These are NOT budget quality movies, they are category A movies at budget cost. We welcome further investors to take advantage of the rewarding returns these movies will accrue.

If you are interested in an associating with us in a production position then please contact using the CONTACT FORM at the foot of the page.

iOscape Studios

iOscape Studios has a complete in-house professional package of studio cinematic standard equipment both audio and visual. Throughout the filmmaking process we maintain production at cinematic level.

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